My name is Gilda Moshir, I have been an educator for over 27 years, I had the privilege of staying home to parent my 2 boys and got the best education possible watching them grow.  Enjoying the time with my kids inspired me to pursue my Certification to get into Preschool Education. 


I ran a Developmental Nursery School with a 70-year history and tradition for 7 years.  While I was at the preschool, I learned that parents need guidance and hand-holding once they have children and I became a conduit to help those parents navigate the early years of parenting.  While I continued developing as an educator, and my kids grew older, as a Gen X’er my attention turned to my father who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s the last 10 years of his life.  The last 2 years of his life being the most turbulent, I became a caregiver with my mom for my father and during those caregiving years, I realized how Early Childhood Education and Senior Education are similar.  The difference being back then not many people were educating seniors and working with kids was more popular. 


Today, that has changed with the “boomer” population retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day, more and more people today are in the senior services industry.  Back then not many were educating the “Sandwich Generation” either – that was me – I was the Gen X generation that was “sandwiched” between my kids and parents.  No one was talking to me about – life insurance – how much money I’d have in retirement, how long my income would last me into retirement.  So, in 2013 I found myself exploring the field of financial services. I decided to get into the world of Life insurance and started educating myself, my family and friends about the value of getting set up for life’s “curve-balls”.  I got my Life, Health and Accident Insurance License an became well-versed on everything related to retirement, life insurance, long term care and aging.


I didn’t want my parents’ experience to be the experience of others, no one had “knocked on their doors” as immigrants, they had always worked for themselves and never had paid into a retirement in this country.  I wanted to change that for other immigrants, self-employed and aging folks and I wanted to become an expert to the people who are in the “Sandwich Generation” the kids, the parents, the grandparents and the seniors. 


For the past 10 years, I have been serving my clients in various ways, I educate my clients on the myriad of options available to them to protect their family and assets.  I work with 50+ A rated major life insurance companies who offer financial solutions that serve to protect and to build a supplemental retirement.  I have access to all the different types of life insurance ranging from term insurance to whole life to universal life to indexed universal life, return of premium, guaranteed life insurance and funeral expense policies. 


As a broker I can compare rates among the major carriers I represent and give my clients options that fit their budget.  I offer retirement solutions for Gen X and Seniors who are contemplating retirement and setting up tax-free advantaged accounts.  My goal is helping my clients in diversifying their options when it comes to growing their money – I educate families on tax now, tax later and tax never accounts that can help us as we go through different stages of our lives.  When we first start out, we may be risky in our investment tolerance and as we go through life, we become more conservative.  For every stage of life there is a solution that can help us protect our “nest-egg” and our families.  This is what I strive to do each and every day.


I can protect families with the following solutions:  Personal life insurance, mortgage protection, college planning through life insurance, retirement accounts such as IRA’s and Fixed Indexed Annuities, supplemental retirement accounts, rollovers – old 401K’s can be rolled over into IRA’s or Roth IRA’s, long term care, final expense policies. 


For businesses I offer SEP IRA’s, business insurance, key-person insurance protects key individuals in a business so when a loss occurs, their wisdom can be recovered and passed on.  I can set up buy-sell agreements between partners so partners can protect the knowledge each partner and recover from a loss when it occurs.


Some of the companies I represent are AIG, Corebridge, National Life Group, North American, Fidelity & Guaranty, Athene, Transamerica, Pac Life, Prudential, Foresters, Banner Life, Assurity, Protection Life, Anico and much more.  


Why Insurance?

I always knew that I have to get insurance coverage for my car, health and even recently for my cell phone, as much as we use it, we need to protect it from falls and breaks.  One of the things no one tells us about is life insurance.  I wonder why that is? It seems upside-down not to talk about life insurance when everything we do is for the preservation of life in ourselves and our loved ones.  So, why is life insurance not mandatory? Why do companies do not provide more robust plans?  Why are we not teaching about the value of life insurance when we are younger and in our schools/colleges?  Why is the onus on us to do the research, while car, home and health insurance is widely advertised. This is the hole I want to fill, I want to help people understand the value of life insurance for their loved ones and the legacy you leave behind.


People ask me all the time – Do you just do insurance?  Life insurance and retirement planning is our niche.  However, because I’m a broker, I have access to a Registered Investment Advisor who can serve my clients if they want to set up their 401K plans, plans in the stock market, medicare and want to set up their trust.  

As a broker I represent all financial institutions that are global and nationwide and have been around over 100 years.  I am licensed to serve families in California, Texas, Massachusetts and Arizona as a life, health and accident insurance agent.  

Who would be a client?

I serve everyone in the Generation X – anyone sandwiched between their kids and parents, they are in that bubble where they are asking “do I have enough to retire?” “can I retire? – do I need to work longer to live comfortably?” At the heart of what I do is to educate individuals to learn what their options are so they can protect themselves, their families, their assets, their business.   

The millennials are bombarded with social media campaigns on various products they make their decisions from online platforms which can be easily accessible however they may make their decisions without the advice of an advisor.  I consider myself to be an advisor educating people on the options and showing my clients how they can decide on one plan over another.  

There are 76 million boomers:  10,000 are retiring every day, there are so many retiree’s who don’t know what to do with their money or lack trust – I want to build a relationship based on trust with our boomers to be able to serve them with their hard-earned savings. 

Seniors need a lot of support, as they age, they want to make sure they don’t lose any money and to build a lifetime stream of income, I can educate them on the value of annuities.  Final expense is another worry for seniors, I can help them set up their funeral arrangements as well in the form of permanent whole life insurance.