My name is Gilda Moshir, I am a proud mom of 2 boys ages 23 and 21, both Eagle Scouts, I spent the last 23 years in the field of education and being involved in my kids’ education, I love giving back to my community and that was my focus while my kids needed me around. 

I’ve been a part of many organizations over the years giving me a good foundation with people.  I have been in the classroom with children under 5, with parents teaching effective parenting, I’ve taught kids and teens Farsi, I’ve done event planning through the sharing of my Persian culture.  For the past 10 years my journey has been to find a niche as an entrepreneur in an industry that can be duplicated and give me generational wealth.

That is when I was introduced to the financial services industry in 2013, I partnered with PHP Agency, a brokerage firm that is now nationwide.  What I love about PHP is the platform of helping families get ahead financially while teaching our agents free enterprise and how to succeed as a small business owner.

I am one brokers out of our Pasadena location and help agents get started in the industry and train them to get licensed and share the services we offer and to not only help middle Americans but also to help swing the pendulum in the traditional industry so that there is more diversity in the new breed of agents.

Why Insurance?

I always knew that I have to get insurance coverage for my car, health and even recently for my cell phone, as much as we use it, we need to protect it from falls and breaks.  One of the things no one tells us about is life insurance.  I wonder why that is? It seems upside-down not to talk about life insurance when everything we do is for the preservation of life in ourselves and our loved ones.  So, why is life insurance not mandatory? Why do companies do not provide more robust plans?  Why are we not teaching about the value of life insurance when we are younger and in our schools/colleges?  Why is the onus on us to do the research, while car, home and health insurance is widely advertised. This is the hole I want to fill, I want to help people understand the value of life insurance for your loved ones and the legacy you leave behind.


People ask me all the time – Do you just do insurance?  That’s not all we do is what I answer.  We offer a comprehensive approach to the financial challenges that many Americans are faced with today and provide solutions that are designed to fit the client’s needs and goals.

We represent over 25 Fortune 100 financial institutions that are global and nationwide and have been around over 100 years.  We are licensed through the state of CALIFORNIA as life, health and accident insurance agents.  We are required by law to do the coursework and get our continuing education credits towards annual review of our laws and regulations in the financial industry.

Target Audience

While our target audience is middle Americans, we help everyone.  We believe that the wealthy are exposed to this information but middle Americans are left behind.  Our goal is to train a sales force that goes out and shares the information with the people who don’t have access to this information. 

We serve millennials there are 82 million of this generation who are in debt and need solutions, we can help with debt settlement and student loan forgiveness.  We partner with a reputable law firm that specializes in this area only, our referral will get you a complimentary quote.

We serve Generation X’ers who are sandwiched between their kids and parents, they are in that bubble where they are asking “do I have enough to retire?” “can I retire? – do I need to work longer to live comfortably?” we help this generation with solutions where they can get growth while being able to protect their money and solutions that are not tied to the market. 

We help the Baby Boomers, there are 76 million boomers:  10,000 are retiring every day, there are so many retiree’s who don’t know what to do with their money or don’t trust anyone with their hard-earned savings. 

Finaly we help the seniors who are retired we want to ensure they are receiving the kind of income stream they deserve to have a good quality of life.